The iSales Agile Difference

Agile methodology has become the standard for IT project success, allowing small wins with every sprint and delivering immediate value allows for effective feedback. This feedback and the change loop become an immediate way to move forward with a revision. New strategies are implemented with every sprint to promote better iterations. 


Our Agile Coaches help train corporate teams while overseeing development to ensure effective outcomes for the organization. iSales Agile Coaches prioritize guiding teams through the implementation process while encouraging employees and leadership to embrace the agile method.

Agile Coaching vs. Management Consulting

Management consultants have many advantages associated with their ability to strategize, create effective plans, and create savings or solutions, but implementing these strategies is far better when managed by an iSales Agile Coach. 


Our Agile Coaches increase the capability of an organization to solve issues by teaching Scrum Masters at every level "how to fish versus giving them fish to eat." In other words, they train your people how to become and remain successful at execution long term. 


Oftentimes, consultants are working to provide solutions whereas our Agile Coaches help to identify the root of workflow issues and improve the company's ability to self-repair for the future. The choice to invest in Agile Coaching places your company in the right place to succeed long term and, with the skills needed to face and overcome, meet uncertainty head on. 


People are presently a scarce commodity, so valuing them and providing an Agile skillset helps your company cross-functionally, from marketing, to operations, to finance, to HR, to IT, and everything in between. With Agile implementation, you will create an environment that fosters innovation and longer-term job satisfaction and growth. However, this does require your company to adapt to and continue Agile while working seamlessly with a coach versus a consultant.

The Top Three Things to Consider When Hiring an Agile Coach

iSales Agile Coaches Help You Solve Identified Problems

Change is inevitable; however, an Agile Coach doesn't identify the change.  iSales Dynamics has several consulting packages to help you do that. Agile Coaches help execution happen.

Agile Coaches Foster Stronger Relationships

Your people are your best asset. Agile Coaches help your organization ensure employees have the communication channels to create and maintain dialog to move forward.

iSales Takes a People-First Approach

iSales Agile Coaches help companies understand where ethical boundaries are and how to operate in a way that honors them. Through feeling valued and needed, teams will feel more capable to disrupt the world around them. Without that sense, they may feel like just another cog in a machine. By listening to your people, their needs, their goals, and their challenges, our Agile Coaches ensure you create the best solutions internally. We facilitate but don’t dictate, allowing you to innovate the way you’re meant to.

Pricing Details

iSales Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters range from $85 - $150/hr depending upon the experience required and length of the contract. 


All iSales Agile Coaches have multiple years of Project Management experience and have implemented Agile methodologies across both IT and non-IT projects.

Let's Work Together

Turning Innovation Into Agile Execution