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SCALE assessments provide an objective and comprehensive evaluation of your company’s operations, performance, and potential areas for improvement. Each is constructed to identify strengths and weaknesses, highlight opportunities and threats, and inform strategic decision-making. 

Our goal is to share the findings along with our expert advice, to enable your company to increase efficiency, ensure the most efficient allocation of resources, provide deeper insights to support decision-making, and ultimately, enhance profitability and long-term success. 

Each assessment is unique, based on your company’s growth trajectory, but all are designed to help you ascertain the top five factors that determine business success: your business strategy, competencies, analytics, leadership, and execution maturity 

The different business scenarios are designed to determine your company’s readiness for: international expansion, early-stage development, grow-stage development or exit-stage development and the ability to mature beyond each growth inflection point to the next. 

Our executive team specializes in assisting businesses at each growth stage of your company, as well as helping foreign companies successfully enter and scale in the US.


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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceInternational Market Expansion Assessment

As companies begin to grow successfully in their local markets, many turn their focus to entering the very lucrative US/North American market. Yet international market expansion is no simple endeavor. 

Many factors must be considered such as local market conditions, regulations, buyer preferences, creating a local presence and staff or partners to represent your firm. In addition, a business plan, go to market strategy, routes to market, sales, marketing, and product strategies as well as business projects are required to successfully scale in the US/North American market. Take this international market expansion survey to help determine your relative readiness to enter, grow and scale successfully. 

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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceEarly-Stage Strategy SCALE Assessment

Early-stage companies face many unique challenges and opportunities in building a foundation for scalable growth. They are generally <$10M in revenue, run by Founders, funded by Angel investors and Series A funding.

During the early-growth stage, companies focus is on generating demand, initial revenue growth and for the wise one, basic retention initiatives. In the initial growth stage, focus is critical where strategy, plans and execution become tightly aligned. Take this early-stage company assessment to help determine your relative readiness to build sustainable demand, revenue and quality customer relationships that support growth.

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Description automatically generated with medium confidence Growth-Stage Strategy SCALE Assessment

Growth-stage companies have matured beyond the initial early growth stage and have between ~$10-50M in revenue and tend to shift their funding to venture capital, private equity and/or Series B investments.

During the growth-stage, the company’s primary focus is on refining the processes, tech stack and adding additional competencies (skills, knowledge and experience) to effectively scale the company for growth. In addition, they focus on improving execution effectiveness of their revenue engine to create a more predictable and repeatable funnel process. Take this growth-stage company assessment to help determine your relative readiness to scale successfully.

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Description automatically generated with medium confidence Exit-Stage Strategy Assessment

Preparing for an exit, such as an acquisition or an initial public offering (IPO), is a complex process for a technology company. Our iSalesDynamics Exit Assessment is designed to determine if your company is well positioned for an exit.

Exit-stage companies are generally >$150M in revenue and funded via venture capital, private equity and when required, Series C, D or Mezzanine rounds. Their focus is on becoming highly process and data driven to provide the evidence required by potential investors and proof of their growth trajectory and execution capabilities that are highly automated and with a primary focus on profitability. Take this assessment to determine your relative readiness to Exit.